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  2 Jan

Published articles, books & photographic work




Catalogues & e-Catalogues  'Art No 23'  'A Work of Art Exhibition'  (Photography)  (Page4) The Old Biscuit Factory'   London  UK   24  - 30 January  



'Bwrdd ' 'The Newsletter For Mensa Cymru'  (Article/Photo)  (Page 4) Suffragette Fight Left Pankhurst kin Scattered   UK   August

BBC News Wales  - 'As it happened: Suffrage centenary march' 10 Jun (Article) 'My relatives changed the world' 14:05 10 Jun

ITV News'   (Article)  Thousands march through Cardiff to celebrate centenary of suffrage in the UK   10 June  2.51pm                 


'Women's Arts Newsletter' 'issue 14 Published July 2018'  'eNEWSLETTER'  (Article/M Media) 'Women's Arts Association /                                Cymdeithas Celfyddydau Menywod'  'Celebrating 100 Years Of The Vote For Women Processions' 'Celebrating IWD Exhibition'  -  (Page 5)                       

'BBC  News Wales'   (Article/Photo)   Suffrage centenary: Thousands of women celebrate in Cardiff march   UK 10 June


 'Artichoke  News'


'BBC Weekend News'   5 pm / 11 pm  10 Jun 2018   


'FaB newspaper'  'Fringe Arts Bath Festival'    (Photography)  UK  25 May - 10 June


'Mission Gallery'  'Publicity Images'  (Photography) Swansea UK  7 February 


'Broken Grey Wires psycho Artist Book'   ( (Photography)  UK  6 February  




'Morning Star'   'Nasty Women Exhibition'  (Article)   UK London 25 September 


'Evening Standard'  'Nasty Women Exhibition'  (Mixed Media/Article)   UK London  20 September                   

'Metro'  'Nasty Women Exhibition'  (Mixed Media/Article)  UK London 18 September


'ArtAZ'  Cutting-Edge Contemporary Art (Platform) 'SURPRISE 8' - (Mixed Media)  Athens, Greece  21 September


'BINit YOUR ART ISA LOAD OF S**T'   (Mixed Media/Photography/Article) Magazine by Cowdinsky  (Photography) UK London


'Art For All, Art Gallery Here'  ZeeMaps  (Photography/Mixed Media)  Permanent Global


2012     'Swansea Evening Post'  'The Parable of the Four Soils Exhibition'  (Article) UK Swansea


              'Parkland's Church Programme’  'The Parable of the Four Soils Exhibition'  Swansea (Article)  UK Swansea


2011     '54th Venice Biennial Illuminations & Global Environment  Book'   (Article/Mixed Media)  Venice



2005     ‘Dylan Thomas Centre Programme’  (Mixed Media/Article) UK Swansea


2003     ‘One hundred and Forty-Seven Photographs Book'  (Photography/Article)


              ‘Swansea Grand Theatre Programme’  (Article) UK Swansea


2001     ‘Western Mail Newspaper’  'Foot and Mouth'  Swansea  (Article) UK Swansea


             'Epynt Flyer’  'Foot and Mouth'  Swansea  (Article)  UK Epynt









Louisa H. Pankhurst Johnson
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