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Pow Wow 


On an excursion to Canada, I went on an 'Earth Walk', learnt some of the 'Old Twisted Hair Teachings' and ate the once a year delicacy of bear and moose.  I was fortunate to be invited to stay with Esther Oshe a traditional storyteller. Esther took me to a Pow Wow with the First Nation Ojibwe people on Manitoulin Island, Bay of Islands, Ontario, Canada, where I joined in the inter-tribal dances and photographed some anthropology.




'Swansea Institute of Education' Exhibitions - 2000 - 2003

'Poetry in Motion' Exhibition - Grand Theatre Swansea 2003


Elysium Gallery Artists 'Emporium' 'Volcano Theatre' (Photography) Swansea  UK  30 September


Louisa Helen Pankhurst Johnson - Copyright 2000

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