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Sea Poetry


Afon Taf - The River Taff 

Swansea Marina - River Tawe

Cardiff Castle - River Dart  


(Lots more images to add soon......)






(Supporting the Homeless Program -

a decade of fighting adversity with art)

of KLIMAKANGO. KLIMAKA)  (Photography)

Athens  Greece  11 - 13 October


'Swansea Art Society Exhibition'  

'Morgans Hotel'  (Mixed Media)  

Swansea  UK  11 - 12 September

'6x6' x 219' 'Rochester Contemporary Arts Centre'

(Fundraiser for Rochester Contemporary Arts Centre (RoCo)  

(Photography)  Rochester, NY  USA  1 June - 14 July

'Size Matters'  'Fringe Arts Bath (FaB) A visual arts festival in Bath' 

94 - 96 Walcot Street  (Photography)  Bath  UK  24 May - 9 June

'Queen Street Gallery' 'Open Art Exhibition 2019' 

(Photography)  Neath  UK  9 February - 2 March

'Queen Street Gallery' 'Gallery & Gift Shop'  

(Photography)  Neath  UK  9 February - April

'Art No 23' 'A Work of Art' 'The Old Biscuit Factory' 

(Photography)  London  UK  24 - 30 January 


'The Winter Xmas Show'  'Grey Dog Gallery '  

(Photography)  Mumbles,  Swansea  UK   4 December  -  12 January   

'Glynn Vivian Open 2017' 

(annual Exhibition)   Glynn Vivian Art Gallery,

(Photography)   Swansea  UK   December  2 - January 6

'Nawr yr Arwr' / 'Now The Hero' 

Some Things We Forgot To Remember'  'Swansea Museum'  

(Photography)   Swansea  UK   22 Sept - December

'Grey Dog Gallery Summer Show II'  'Grey Dog Gallery'  

(Photography)  Mumbles, Swansea   UK   21 - 27 August


'International Women's Day'  'Creative Women With Cake'  

'The Welfare Ystradgynlais'  (Photography)  Swansea  UK   15 April - May 25


'Glynn Vivian Open 2017'  'Glynn Vivian Art Gallery'  (annual exhibition)  

(Photography)  Swansea  UK  2 December - 6 January  



'Swansea Arts Society Autumn Exhibition' 

(Mixed Media)  'St Mary's Church' Swansea  September 25 - October 16



'Swansea Art Society Spring Exhibition'  

(Mixed Media)  'St Mary's Church'   Swansea   UK  24 April - 6 May

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