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Sea Poetry AKA Sea Portal

I am obsessed with photographing water mostly the sea.  Seeing the images in my 'minds eye' is a devotional experience. 
my 'Sea Poetry' Images' are created while in a state of 'Social Mystification' which I transfigure into sublime canvases of Reposeful and Spiritual Contemplation'.
'Sea Poetry' embodies the work of Karl Marx, Aristotle, John Berger, Rothko, Kazimir Malevich and John Piper.

Image 3 Titile: Mystified - 2019 (self portrait) 
Image 1,2 & 4 Title: Green Square Purple Square Black Square
canvas box prints


Swansea Marina - River Tawe

Laugharne Castle - Afon Taf - River Taff   

Cardiff Castle - River Dart  


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