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Fine Art - Visual Poet

Group Exhibitions


'Nawr yr Arwr' / 'Now The Hero'  Suffragette Exhibition'  'Swansea Museum'   (Mixed Media)   Swansea   UK    22 September - 6 October

'Nawr yr Arwr' / 'Now The Hero'  'Swansea Museum'   (Mixed Media)   Swansea   UK    22 September - 6 October

'Heaven & Hell'  'Creature Sound Music Hall & Artist Studios'  (Photography)  Swansea  UK   29 September

'Swansea Fringe Festival'  'Elysium Gallery Open Studios'  (Photography)  Swansea  UK   5 - 7 October

'Out Of The Box'  'Welsh Women's Art Association'  'Llanover Hall Arts Centre'  gallery 1st floor  (Photography)  Cardiff  UK  1 - 29 October 

'Wall Art Display'  'Creature Sound Music Hall & Artist Studios'  (Photography)   Swansea UK  TBC

'Big ART of Swansea'  'Swansea Grand Theatre'  'Top Floor Gallery'   (Photography)  Swansea  UK   26 August - 8 September

Grey Dog Gallery Summer Show II'  'Grey Dog Gallery'  (Photography)  Mumbles, Swansea   UK   21 - 27 August

'Grey Dog Gallery Summer Show'  'Grey Dog Gallery'  (Photography)  Mumbles, Swansea   UK   27 July - 5 August    

'West Wharf' Gallery Open Exhibition 2018' 'West Wharf' Gallery'  (Photography) Jacobs Market, West Canal Wharf, Cardiff  UK 

14 July - 31 August

'Button it'  'Platform'  (Mixed Media)  St Mary’s Market, St Helens, Merseyside  UK  20 August - 28 October  - Touring UK

Button It'    'Platform Studios'  (Mixed Media)   St Helens, Merseyside  UK  August   - Touring UK

'Button It'   'CraftLocker '  (Mixed Media)  Elland, West Yorkshire  UK  June  8 - 28 July  - Touring UK


'Processions'   'Celebrating 100 years of Women Voting'  

'A vast participatory artwork, a  living portrait  of women in the 21st Century'  Cardiff  UK 10 June

Llanover Hall Art's Centre Friends Exhibition'  'Llanover Hall Arts Centre'  gallery 1st floor  (Photography)  Cardiff   UK  8 June - 21 July 

Not Corbyn's Hat'  'Strawberry Fair'   (Festival)  (Photography / Light Show)   Midsummer Common, Cambridge  UK  2 June 

'Only Human Exhibition'  'Fringe Arts Bath Festival'  '44AD  artspace'  (Photography)  Abbey Road, Bath  UK  25 May - 10 June

'International women's Day'  'Creative Women (With Cake'  'The Welfare Ystradgynlais'  (Photography)  Swansea  UK   15 April - May 25

'MP4 or it didn't happen' 'Vandal' '5 ft tall Capsule Vending Machine'  ' St Anne's Arts & Community Centre & Vandal'  

(Photography / Mixed Media)  Barnstable, Devon  UK  30 March - Touring UK      

'Unripe Banana' 'Print Fair'  (Photography)  Hackney, London  UK  18 March

'Be There Be Square'  'Hyde Park Book Club'  (Fundraiser)  (Photography)  Leeds, West Yorkshire  UK 15 March

'Nasty Women Liverpool Exhibition'  'Constellations'  (Fundraiser)  (Photography)  Baltic Triangle, Liverpool  UK  9 March

'International Women's Day'  'Welsh Women's Art Association'  'Arts Central Gallery'  (Photography)  Barry UK   3 March - 28 April 

'International Women's Day'  'Welsh Women's Art Association'  'Llanover Hall Arts Centre'  gallery 1st floor  (Photography)  Cardiff  UK 

3 - 23 March


Swansea College of Art Window Residency Exhibition  '2 Humphrey Street'  (Photography)  Swansea  UK  18 February - April


'Art Freaks People's Choice Art Contest'  'A social Art Media Project  Facebook Exhibition'  (Photography)  UK  1- 31 January 


'Glynn Vivian Open 2017'  'Glynn Vivian Art Gallery'  (annual exhibition)  (Photography)  Swansea  UK  2 December - 6 January  2018




'Glynn Vivian Open 2017'  'Glynn Vivian Art Gallery'  (annual exhibition)  (Photography)  Swansea  UK  2 December - 6 January  2018


'Volcano Art Market'  'Volcana Theatre'  (Photography)  Swansea  UK  15 - 16 December


'Volcano Christmas Art Fair'  'Volcano Theatre'  (Photography) Swansea UK 9 December 12-8pm


'Womanstanley Blowing a Gail Exhibition'   'The Old Town House'  (Mixed Media) Warrington, Cheshire  UK 2 December


'Art Freaks People's Choice Art Contest'  'A social Art Media Project'  'Facebook Exhibition'  (Photography)  UK  1- 31 December


'Nasty Women International Conference 2017'  'Are you still Nasty Exhibition'  'Thought  Foundation'  (Photography (Fundraiser)    Gateshead  UK 16-17 November


'Elysium Gallery 10th Birthday Celebrations'  'Elysium Gallery Open Studios'  (Photography)  Swansea   UK  28 October


'Swansea Art Society Autumn Exhibition'   'St Mary's Church'  (Photography)  Swansea  UK  25 September - 16 October


'Elysium Gallery Artists Emporium'   'Volcano Theatre'  (Photography) Swansea  UK  30 September


'Nasty Women' (In aid of  End Violence Against Women EVAW)  'Stour Space'  (Mixed Media)   Hackney Wick, London  UK  22 - 24 Sept


'ArtAZ'  SURPRISE 8' (Supporting the Homeless Program of KLIMAKANGO. KLIMAKA)  (Mixed Media)  Athens  Greece  21   September


'Troublemakers Festival'  'Elysium Gallery Open Studios'   'Elysium Studios'  (Photography)  Swansea  UK  15 July


'Troublemaker Festival' THEATRE LANE King's Lane'  (Digital Art)  Paste-Up Exhibition of Posters, Swansea  UK 13 - 16 July


'YOUR ART IS A LOAD OF S**T’ at BINit, UK'  'The Old Truman Brewery' (Photography/Mixed Media) Brick Lane, London  UK 6 - 10  July 


'Chester Art Centre Open Exhibition'   'Commonhall Street Social'  (Digital Art)  Chester   UK  June - October


'Swansea Art Society Summer Exhibition'   'Wyevale Garden Centre'  (Painting)  Llansamlet, Swansea   UK  19 June - 2 July


'Art For All, Art Gallery Here'  ZeeMaps   'Global'  (Photography/Mixed Media)  26 May - Permanent


'World Art Marathon'   'A social Art Media Project, Facebook Exhibition'  (Painting)  UK  12 - 25 May


'Skelf - Museum of Non Visible Art' #monabiennial  'Twitter Exhibition'   (Poetry)  UK  8 May - 11 June 


'Llanover Hall Art's Centre Friends Exhibition'  'Llanover Hall Arts Centre'  gallery 1st floor   (Mixed Media)  Cardiff   UK  29 April - 1 July 


'Swansea Art Society Spring Exhibition'  'St Mary's Church'  (Mixed Media)  Swansea   UK  24 April - 6 May


'Art Freaks People's Choice Art Contest'  'A social Art Media Project, Facebook  Exhibition'  (Digital Art)   UK  1- 31 April


'TAE17' Twitter Exhibition'   'Artshouse'  (Supporting Molly Olly’s Wishes)  (Painting)  Stratford upon Avon  UK   1 -19 April


'International Women's Day'  'Welsh Women's Art Association'  'Arts Central Gallery'   (Mixed Media)  Barry UK   4 - 25 March


'International Women's Day' ' Welsh Women's Art Association'  'Llanover Hall Arts Centre'  gallery 1st floor  (M/Media)  Cardiff  UK  4 - 24 March




'My One and All-My Swansea Coast'    'Volcano Theatre'  (Photography) Swansea UK   22  November - 30 December 


'CARN’ (Caernarfon Regeneration Network) 'Postcard Exhibition'  'Slate Quay'  (Painting)  Caernarfon  UK   8 - 10 July




'International Women’s Day'   'Swansea Women’s Centre'  (Photography) Swansea  UK   9 - March


'28 Drawings Later'  'A social Art Media project '   'Art Village'  (Photography/Mixed Media ) Glasgow UK  21 - 27 March


'Environmental Exhibition'   'The Environment Centre'  (Photography)  Swansea  UK  1 July - 20 August




'MA Show'  'University of South Wales'  (Photography) Treforest Campus  UK  19 - 26 May


'Cymorth Cymru'  'Life Begins @ Home week Art Exhibition' 'Cardiff Central Library'  Cardiff  UK  14 - 19 October


Welsh Artist of the Year’  'St David’s Hall' (annual exhibition) (Photography) Cardiff  UK  9 June - August 6


'International Women’s Day'  'Women's Art Association'   'Bute Gallery'  (Painting)  Cardiff  UK   February - April


'MA Show'  'University of South Wales'  (Photography)  Treforest Campus


'Reality'  MA Show   'The Cove Gallery'  (Photography)  Swansea   UK  13 - 27 May


'Turn About Show'   'The Cove Cafe'  (Photography)  Swansea   UK  March - April 


2012 -13   'MA Shows'   'University of South Wales' (Photography)  Treforest Campus  UK  December - June


2012  'International Women's Day'  'Swansea University'  (Photography)   Swansea  UK  9 - 30 May


2011 'Galleria Perela'  'Vending Machine' 54th Venice Biennial Illuminations & Global Environment'  (M Media)  Italy  15 - 30 September

'Big Draw'  'Elysium Gallery' (Drawing)  Swansea  UK  14 - 21 May


2008 - 'Summer Show'   'Grand Theatre'  (Photography)  Swansea  UK   June - August


2005  - ‘Swansea Open’  'Glynn Vivian Art Gallery'  (annual exhibition) (Photography)  Swansea  UK   30 July - 10 September


2003  - 'Graduate Showcase'   'Exposure Gallery'  (Photography)  Swansea  UK   July - October


'Poetry in Motion'  'The Grand Theatre'  (Photography)  Swansea  UK  September - October


'I In My Intricate Image'  'B.A. Hons Photojournalism Graduation Show'  'Brick Lane Gallery'  London UK  12 - 26 June


'Relations to Land'   'Neville Gallery'  (Photography)  Llanelli   UK   1 - 15 August


2002  - 'Episode 2'  'The Grand Theatre'  (Photography)  Swansea  UK   June - July


2001 - 'Time'  'St Mary’s Church'  (Photography)  Swansea  UK  28 - 30 November


2000 - 3  'Swansea Institute of Higher Education'  (Photography) Swansea UK  December 00 - June 03


1999  - 'Public Art Graduation Show'   'Chelsea School of Art & Design'  (Photography/Public Art)  London  UK  12 - 26 June


1998  - 'F.N.D. Art Foundation Graduation Show'  'Harlow College of Technology '  (Photography/Public Art)  Essex  UK  12  June -  31 August

1993  - 'Summer Show'   'Epping St John’s Sixth Form' (Photography/M/Media)   Epping, Essex  UK  15 June - 1 September


1989  - 'O.N.D Reprographics'  Graduation Show   'Barking Art College'  (Graphics)  Charlecotte Annex, UK  12 June - September






Louisa Helen  Johnson
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