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'Black Square'


Images of water carry within them so many rich symbolic associations.  Materially, it is an essential element of our human existence, as  critically  necessary to us as the air we breathe.  Geographically, it’s often a boundary, a liminal space that separates large and small land masses, continent from continent, country from country.  It’s  used as a weapon of war, as a natural defense and as a means of escape. Psychologically, water can be regarded as a symbol of transition from one state of mind or being to another and it has been used in art and literature to denote a passage from a material space to a dematerialized space.


My photographs seek to fuse material and psychological associations with water into a single image or a series of images.   During the Great War,  the English Channel was both a great physical divide between soldiers and their loved ones but was also a means of transporting letters to and from the Front to home. The light playing on the water is seen to represent a positive focus on the messages of hope and love and real human bravery conveyed across the channel during the Great War.        

Louisa Helen Pankhurst Johnson   Copyright 2018

Black Square




'6x6' x 219' 'Rochester Contemporary Arts Centre'

(Fundraiser for Rochester Contemporary Arts Centre (RoCo)  (Photography)

Rochester, NY  USA  1 June - 14 July

'Size Matters'  'Fringe Arts Bath (FaB) A visual arts festival in Bath' 

94 - 96 Walcot Street  (Photography)  Bath  UK  24 May - 9 June

'Queen Street Gallery' 'Open Art Exhibition 2019' 

(Photography)  Neath  UK  9 February - 2 March

'Queen Street Gallery' 'Gallery & Gift Shop'  

(Photography)  Neath  UK  9 February - April

'Art No 23' 'A Work of Art' 'The Old Biscuit Factory' 

(Photography)  London  UK  24 - 30 January 


'Nawr yr Arwr' / 'Now The Hero' 'Some Things We Forgot To Remember'

'Swansea Museum'  (Photography)   Swansea  UK   22 Sept - December

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