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'Animal Portraiture'


After a period of time living with 1st Nation Indians in Canada and absorbing some of their rituals and shamanic culture, in particular, Animal Medicine.  I am developing a way of photographing the animal within.  Like Irvin Penn and the anthropological impulse of his worlds in a small room, I am taking portraits in small dark spaces illuminating the animal essence I believe to be in each of us.  To uncover this primaeval essence we must leave the light of description and travel into the metaphor of dark and the night.  The animal comes alive at night and paradoxically in the darkness is hidden the possibility of real revelation.  Animal Portraiture reveals a side of us that usually remains latent, much like the un-developed image in an unprocessed film.  Animal Portraiture has the potential to reveal more about a subject than that which can merely be seen.  




‘Swansea Open’ (Photography) (annual exhibition) Glynn Vivian Art Gallery  Swansea  UK   

30 July - 10 Sept 




'Swansea Institute of Higher Education' (Photography) Swansea UK  

Dec 2001 - June 2003


'I In My Intricate Image'  B.A. Hons Photojournalism Graduation Show 'Brick  Lane Gallery, London UK  12 - 26 June 


'Graduate Showcase'  (Photography) Exposure Gallery, Swansea  UK   July - October 


Poetry in Motion'  (Photography)  The Grand Theatre, Swansea  UK  September - October  


'Episode 2'  (Photography) The Grand Theatre, Swansea  UK   June - July 


Ongoing project 2002-19

Louisa Helen Johnson - Copyright July 2002-19

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